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Hey I'm Sarah! A princess performer, actress, costumer, artist, and singer!

What you'll find here is the best princess art, photography, and cosplay I find. Along with a bit of me and my work. For more about me as well as the many other fandoms I love, check out my personal tumblr. :)

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Snow White




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Got to do a fitting with my boyfriend, thatseanguyblogs, in one of his DragonCon costumes and omg… how lucky am I? 

Certified Prince Material.

I’m so excited! 

We’ll be running around as town Belle and Gaston Saturday morning, and then the Beast/Prince and ballgown Belle in the afternoon! :D

You can see more of this costume on Facebook

The first Belle dress I ever made vs. the most recent. 

3 years ago, a theater company I was working with allowed me to direct a second run of a princess show I’d written and I decided our Beauty needed an updated dress. So I made a new overskirt and attached a shoulder piece to the rather hideous orange gown we were using. That was my first real ballgown. Rather more pleased with this most recent one. 

I love this comparison shot though… shows what years of work, training and experience with some immensely talented women in costume shops, encouragement from family and friends, and dedication can do for a craft. 

But I wouldn’t have gotten here without that first dress.

You can see more of either dress on my facebook page, Sarah’s Stache, DeviantArt, or here on Tumblr: dress one, dress two

Gold Velvet Belle’s Ballgown!

Made my very own Belle Ballgown for the first time! Will be wearing it to my first ever DRAGONCON! So excited. Made in marigold satin and gold velvet. Wishing the velvet had come out a bit yellower, tried to dye it and that did help, but it’s still a pretty resistant gold. Ah well, pretty pleased anyway. 

Hoping to have time to make matching gloves. But we’ll see. 

You can see more photos on my costume facebook page, Pictures of me in the dress will probably appear on my personal facebook 

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DragonCon Cosplay WIPs!!!

thatseanguyblogs (my bf) and I will be doing some serious cosplay action at DragonCon this year…. I’ve been working hard this week to get these two going… we’ll also be doing town Belle and Gaston.

He’s been practicing for that ;)

I cannot tell you how excited I am!

You can see more of my progress on my FB costuming page: Sarah’s Stache

I have now made princess dresses for 7 of the Disney princesses… really dying for someone to commission Tiana as she’s one of the few I haven’t done that I REALLY want to take on… not that I have time at the moment, but still. 

You can see more of these dresses individually on Facebook or (deviantArt has the direct Tumblr links)

Ok, so my photos with Gaston were pretty excellent… but one of the most magical moments of my Disney trip was definitely dinner at the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Beast’s castle.

Not only was the ballroom MAGNIFICENT, but we got to eat in the West Wing and then after dinner, the Beast asked for a dance! 

It was so fun…and made that much more so since I was wearing my princess t-shirt! :D 

Belle’s Rose-Covered Ballgown

Rosette studded, two piece Belle ballgown for Wishing Well Entertainment! Satin with glitter organza overlay and rosettes. The gown both laces and zips in the back and the skirt has an elastic waist. Hoping it arrives in time for an important visit with a special little girl. :) 

This may very well be my favorite thing I’ve ever made and unfortunately it’s the last of its kind. This fabric has been discontinued and I do not have enough fabric to make another like it. So, I couldn’t resist taking so many pictures!

You can see more at my Facebook page, Sarah’s Stache, or DeviantArt

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Belle’s dress is so pretty! So much work… but so picturesque! 

See more at my facebook page, Sarah’s Stache