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Hey I'm Sarah! A princess performer, actress, costumer, artist, and singer!

What you'll find here is the best princess art, photography, and cosplay I find. Along with a bit of me and my work. For more about me as well as the many other fandoms I love, check out my personal tumblr. :)

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Belle’s Eye View of the Enchanted Serenity Ball with Princesses with a Purpose!

I took Belle’s “magic book" with me to the Enchanted Serenity Ball on Sunday and got as many Princess selfies as I could! This is a few of the best shots! :) 

Nothing like showing up to an event and realizing the wig doesn’t fit! D:

I managed to style my own hair in about 15 mins without a curling iron… extra firm hairspray does wonders! 

Maybe I’ll post a quick and dirty Belle hair tutorial sometime, for when you don’t have time for the full version

I got bored in class… and I get to be Belle this weekend, so she was on my mind.

I got bored in class… and I get to be Belle this weekend, so she was on my mind.

Sitting here fixing thatseanguyblogs' Gaston vest… 

If I threw on my town dress it’d be a Beauty and the Beast AU over here. LOL. 


sooo… Sometimes I’m Gaston.
…and you’re god damn right nobody twerks like me! I’M JUST SAY’N.

Group photos from D*Con ‘12 and Battle&Brew Disney Geek Trivia with a great and talented group of my friends. It was awesome.
Among them:
Katie George
Lindze Merritt
Jennifer Barclay

Reblogging because I’m so excited that it’s been confirmed that this guy and I will be appearing as Belle and Gaston for a Princesses with a Purpose event at the end of the month.

1 - thrilled to get to be Belle in the full, yellow gown I made for the first time.

2 - stoked that the two of us will get to perform together at a gig other than RenFest. It’s going to be too much fun.


Belle’s Blue Dress from Once Upon a Time!

(For the record it’s gapping because my client is several inches smaller than my dress form)

I actually started this costume back in January but lost interest in it, for a couple of reasons. The first being that I broke three needles trying to put together the stiff stuff that gave the bodice structure (for the record the finished bodice has four layers of material plus boning), the other reason was that doing grommets for the first time terrified me. 

After someone came up to me and commissioned this costume, I jumped at the chance because it always breaks my heart looking at all the half completed projects I have lying around my apartment. 

The biggest challenge was figuring out how to do the chemise because it was starting to feel like no matter what I did, the straps would slide around and ruin the aesthetic, so I ended up making it a faux one.

Let’s see what else… grommets ended up being a lot of fun to work with. The entire inside of the bias is hand sewn (I’m one of those assholes who are just obnoxiously proud of their seam work). There are hooks and bars on the waistband and inside of the bodice to keep the skirt in place when worn.

…and it breaks my heart to have to have to part with this one. :(

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