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Hey I'm Sarah! A princess performer, actress, costumer, artist, and singer!

What you'll find here is the best princess art, photography, and cosplay I find. Along with a bit of me and my work. For more about me as well as the many other fandoms I love, check out my personal tumblr. :)

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Snow White




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Little Mermaid Ballgown

Decided to take better shots of me modeling the gown. Three piece gown with zip and lace-back dress, adjustable skirt, and hair flower. It’s one of a kind as the darker, detailed fabric was provided by the commissioner, Princesses With a Purpose

You can see more pictures at my facebook page for costuming: Sarah’s Stache, or my personal facebook page: Sarah Durnesque or on deviantArt. Please reblog only from me.

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I love playing at being mermaid… 

You can see more shots of the costume and me in it on my costuming page, personal page, or deviantArt. 

You can see her feet…..

That’s because this costume mermaid tail can be worn as either a walking or a swim tail. Since these pictures are not just cosplay, but used to advertise my business, costuming, the feet are visible to show customers the “walking” half of this convertible tail. 

If you click the links above you can find pictures of the “swimming” half of the tail and more information. 

Anonymous asked
How are you accessing tumblr from under water?

We have amazing hifi. (Hightide Fidelity) ;) 


Anonymous asked
Do any mermaids need glasses?

Well fortunately for any who do, we have plenty of sea glass, thanks to world-wide pollution… :/

And of course, there’s always those hipster mermaids trying to chase the newest, unknown trend and fleeing the ocean because it’s too current. 


Anonymous asked
What do you do for fun? And what do you eat underwater since I assume mermaids don't eat fish and such...

I like singing and looking for shiney things…

look! SHINEY!!!


No… we do not eat fish… well, some merpeople eat fish… but we don’t talk to them. 

I’ve also hear rumors of piranha mermaids who eat land-people…. but I’ve never seen one!

We eat a lot of kelp… and algae… and you’d be surprised how much gardening you can do under the sea! All vegetarian all the time! :D 

alexandrareadsthings asked
Mermaid question! Where's your favorite place to swim?

Well one of the most BEAUTIFUL beaches I’ve ever been to is Rainbow Beach, Queensland Australia. It’s named for the GORGEOUS multi-colored sand… The Great Barrier Reef is in Australia too… and it is truly lovely, but my favorite places to swim are down in the Caribbean! 


The waters are warm and clear… and the other mermaids there are so much fun! 

Anonymous asked
If you could create your own Disney princess, what would she be like? Ps your blog and cosplay pics make me happy :)


Hmmm… I guess it depends if you mean me or mermaid me… 

Mermaid me would definitely another kind of enchanted princess… or maybe the Swan Princess! Another enchanted girl would be great! 

Me-me would go back to the books, myths, and legends of the world (written and oral)


I’d really love to see something out of Japan, South America, or Spain… I think there are some really great stories there that have yet to be tapped and we all know the princess line-up could use some more POCs (Princesses of Color!)


Ask a Mermaid

From now (2:30 est, July 19, 2014) until whenever I get bored I’ll be answering questions as a mermaid. :P